Logistic Technology

Discover the advantages of MyFulfilled

Digital is the sale and digital is its management.
With MyFulfilled you can manage in full autonomy all the activities for the purpose of the fulfillment of your orders.

Data management of the products

Management of the incoming orders (from marketplace or through upload of CSV files)

Management of the outcoming orders (from marketplace or through our eCommerce connector)

Warehouse inventory in real time with alerting system for the under cover

System Integration connector for the automatic download of the orders coming from the main CMS eCommerce platforms and Marketplaces

Our multichannel eCommerce connector

FulfilledOne disposes of an integration connector with the most important CMS, ecommerce solutions and Marketplaces.
Our software automatically downloads the orders generated by your online sales channel and then it updates the fulfillment status by informing the partner of the dispatch and of its relative tracking.

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Are you using any CMS or Marketplace different from the above mentioned ones?
Please fill in the contact form, the integration of your interest might be published very soon!

We dispose of an intern software development team and we are always ready to evaluate any new integration on different sales channels.

Why to rely on our technological solution

Find out how our software can help you in the management of your online sales order

Centralised management

With our software platform you will be able to centralize all your multi-channel sales orders in a single system. Orders, Deliveries and Returns all of them in one single box. All of this will make your controlling and monitoring activity easier than before

Operative Dashboard

A dashboard which will allow you to easily browse among the operative functions of our system. With a few clicks, you will be able to consult your orders, your inventory, your deliveries status and much more. Furthermore, a statistics module will give you evidence of the logistic activities fulfilled on your behalf

Business Intelligence

In several software modules, we apply some Machine Learning algorithms in order to optimize in a constant way all the steps of the fulfillment ecommerce provided by us. This allows us to handle the goods according to well-defined process rules, or to choose different carriers based on the country/location of destination

Constant evolution

We issue software updates in a constant way. Internally we have a strategic development road-map with challenging goals always to the benefit of our customers. We analyze the market and we listen to our customers with the aim to update our app on the base of their needs

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